LGB groups around the world are growing fast


4th February 2021.

(by Bev Jackson).

There are LGB Alliance groups in several countries, with new groups on the way in many more.

The German group launched recently and within a week it had already acquired almost 1,000 followers on Twitter! Meanwhile, the recent hardening of homophobic attitudes by the governments in Hungary and Turkey are deeply concerning, and we have received messages from people in both countries wanting to set up groups there. There are also groups in an early stage of development in India and Japan, and we received a message from someone in South Korea.

LGB Alliance Australia and Ireland are continuing to grab media attention, and the US group is working with other groups to educate the public on the devastating impact of the recent Executive Order prioritising gender identity over biological sex.

A furious row is going on in Scotland over the Hate Crime Bill. LGB Alliance Scotland is staunchly supporting women’s groups such as For Women Scotland in their battle to preserve the definition of “woman” and expressed outrage at the sacking from the front bench of SMP MP Joanna Cherry, a strong advocate for women’s and LGB rights.

For more on what all of the groups are up to indifferent countries (and languages), follow them on Twitter:

Australia @LGBAlliance_Aus
Brazil @frentelgb
Canada @LGBAlliance_CA
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Iceland @teymidlgb
Ireland @Ire_LGBAlliance
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