Update from LGSM Serbia


8th March 2021.

(by Srđan).


Lezbejska i Gej Solidarna Mreža (Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Network)

LGSM is a network of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in Serbia who recognise the need for a new and radically different form of LGB organising. These are a few of our current campaigns and areas of focus.


The Serbian government has begun a phase of public consultation on proposals for new legislation on same-sex partnerships and for amending the existing law against discrimination. Both laws have been brought forward as part of the Serbian EU accession process.

We are campaigning for the law to include clear definitions of homosexual and bisexual orientation, to not include the concept of gender identity, and that, once passed, the legislation is implemented within a month rather than delayed for a year as is currently proposed.


Every two weeks, we hold a closed Zoom meeting for LGB people to discuss issues such as same-sex partnerships / marriage, and mutual solidarity among gay men and lesbians. They are promoted via social media and participants have to sign up to accept the “safe space” format and our manifesto.


There was a violent assault on a member of a Montenegrin LGBT organisation in Podgorica. We held a small protest outside the Montenegrin embassy, in centre of Belgrade, as an act of solidarity. They were also present at the protest against closure of students’ clinics.


We are creating a pool of LGB people who can offer help to young LGB adults who are in need of alternative accommodation to overcome short-term problems that result from homophobia in their family home.


You can read more about our work on our website: https://lgsolidarnamreza.org/