LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales


(6 August 2021). 

The Welsh Government has announced a consultation on its long-awaited LGBTQ+ Action Plan and we encourage all of you to respond to the recommendations laid out in this regressive and homophobic document.

Despite claims that they worked collaboratively with “a wide range of representatives from LGBTQ+ communities” to inform the development of this plan, not a single LGB group, or group with gender critical perspectives, was invited to take part. The result is a political triumph for those who believe in gender ideology.

The initial engagement with stakeholders about this project was outsourced to Stonewall Cymru. The “Independent LGBTQ+ Expert Panel” described in the plan built on this work and further stakeholder engagement was outsourced to Stonewall Cymru to support the panel’s “consideration of the intersectional experiences of LGBTQ+ people.” The panel then presented their report and recommendations earlier this year.

The resulting Action Plan comprises a list of actions the Welsh Government and partners should take to advance “LGBTQ+ equality” and improve the experiences of “LGBTQ+ people” in Wales, covering a wide range of policy areas including education, housing, health and social care, and promoting community cohesion.

However, the document conflates sexual orientation with gender identity, as if they were parts of the same thing, and also incorrectly lists protected characteristics, replacing “sex” with “gender”. The Expert Panel has recommended the Welsh Government use the acronym “LGBTQ+” in relation to this work. We encourage anyone responding to the consultation to make clear that this extended acronym does not represent LGB people.

The plan elevates the needs of trans and non-binary people above those of all others and seeks to enforce the basics of gender ideology. Even a quick count of the words used in the document (see graph below) shows a disparity. It is disappointing to see the Welsh Government falling hook, line and sinker for an ideology which takes us back decades. It reinforces gender stereotypes and causes real harm to so many children and young people.

Tell the Welsh Government what you think. Responses to the consultation need to be submitted by 22 October 2021.


  • Trans = 25
  • Gender identity / expression / recognition = 12
  • Non-binary = 8
  • Sexual orientation= 7
  • Bisexual = 5
  • Lesbian = 2
  • Gay = 2
  • Sex = 2