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We are aiming to change the conversation around LGB rights and we welcome input from everyone who cares about fairness, reason and common-sense solutions.  There are lots of ways you can make a difference. Follow us on social media and contribute positively to this vital debate.

Watch out for upcoming events and meetings and come along if you can. The more visible we are, the greater impact we will have. Write to your MP and ask where they stand on the issues that matter to LGB people.

Check out the diversity policy of your employer and, if you feel that protections for LGB rights are not explicitly protected, then ask why not. We are a brand new organisation and need funds to help us to communicate our message and so to tackle the important issues professionally and effectively.

You can make a donation by visiting  OUR DONATIONS PORTAL

Alternatively, get in touch to discuss a direct contribution. Thank you for reading and it’s great to have you aboard.

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