On 13th and 14th January LGB Alliance is touring a van around central London to promote the message that gay teens are not sick and should not be medicalised.

The digital ad van is visiting Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, The Strand, Waterloo Bridge, and Westminster Bridge with a hard-hitting message: most of the young people referred to gender clinics are same-sex attracted. Many are led to believe they are really the opposite sex and need medical treatment.

We are seeking to raise awareness that homosexuality / bisexuality is being treated as an illness. This alarming trend is driven in part by homophobic parents and a homophobic environment.

We urge you to read more on the Government’s current consultation (closing 4 Feb) on proposals to ban “conversion therapy”. These proposals hide a dangerous threat to LGB teens. See our guidance:

LGB Alliance’s Response to the Government Consultation on Banning Conversion Therapy