Questions for election candidates

(28th April 2021).Ahead of the various elections on May 6, we have a collection of questions from LGB Alliance, LGB Alliance Scotland and LGB Alliance Cymru for you to put to candidates directly, or as conversation starters with candidates and their campaigners. Tweet us with the best and worst responses you receive. @AllianceLGB, @ScotlandLGB, @LGBAllies_Cymru.

Some questions are more general and apply in all elections, while others are more specific to the parliament or city holding the election.

General questions to candidates in all elections:

1) Do you believe same-sex attraction is valid?

2) Can children be born in the wrong body?

3) In the interests of promoting equality and diversity, will you listen to lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who are excluded from the LGBT+ umbrella because our sexual orientation is based on sex, not “gender”?

4) Do you believe it’s possible for someone born male to be called a lesbian? Can lesbians have penises?

5) Do you believe it’s possible for someone born female to be called a gay man? Can gay men have vaginas?


Questions relevant to the Scottish Parliament candidates

How will you make sure Government listens to a range of organisations, and not just those it funds, when developing policy that affects lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and women in general?

Do you believe that healthcare provision, including medicines, should be driven by evidence of efficacy?

How will you protect clinicians and professional therapists from censure if they do not immediately affirm as transgender children who present with dysphoria, confusion or distress about their ‘gender’?

How will you ensure those who detransition or desist from identifying as transgender, many of whom are lesbian, gay or bisexual, are listened to and supported, and that lessons are learned from their experiences?


Questions relevant to the Welsh Senedd candidates

Should the age of consent be lowered?

Will you commit to an honest and respectful dialogue with LGB Alliance Cymru soon after the election?


Question relevant to the Mayor of London candidates

Are you aware that up to half of all lesbians say they have been staying away from Pride for years because it is not a welcoming environment for them? Are you willing to meet representatives of lesbian groups to discuss this?

Will you ask Night Czar Amy Lamé to meet with LGB Alliance and lesbian organisations to help develop lesbian-only events and venues in London? There are none at all at present (unlike the many LGBTQ+ venues, some of which have received emergency funding during Covid).