LGB Alliance (Scotland)

We Scots have long been proud of finding our own way to do things, or express ourselves, whether it’s in our distinct legal system or health service or … through our poetry and culture. The same is true now of the defence of lesbian, bisexual and gay rights. The LGB Alliance’s campaigns in Scotland are driven by Scots and address the specific concerns and needs of Scots.

Caidreachas LGD (Alba)

 Bha sinne na h-Albannaich moiteil riamh às an dòighean a nì sinn rudan againn fhìn, no a chuireas sinn sinn an cèill, co-dhiù ’s e an siostam lagha no an t-seirbheis slàinte fa leth no … tro ar cuid bàrdachd is cultar. Tha an aon rud fìor an-dràsta ri linn dìon còraichean leasbach, dà-sheòrsach agus gèidh. Tha na h-iomairtean aig Caidreamh LGD ann an Alba air an stiùireadh aig Albannaich gus aghaidh a chur air iomnaidhean is feumannan nan Albannach fhèin.

New Campaign:

Gender Recognition Act

The Scottish government’s plan in 2020 to change the Gender Recognition Act was opposed by a loose coalition of women’s groups, civil society activists and LGB Alliance Scotland. We were happy to play a role in highlighting the risks of Self-ID and will continue to oppose the reform. It’s been dropped but only for now and could well be in the manifesto for the 2021 elections. If it is we will campaign against it.

Hate Crime Bill

This controversial bill is currently progressing going through the Scottish Parliament. We oppose it because it creates a new offence of ‘stirring up hatred’ which is defined so vaguely it’s open to potential abuse. The Bill also redefines ‘sex’ in ways that are contrary to the Equalities Act. For example, it defines heterosexual as ‘attracted to a different sex’ and bisexual as ‘attracted to the same sex or a different sex’. This is meaningless and is an attempt to insert the concept of non-binary into Scottish legislation for the first time


A growing body of evidence suggests that many children who describe themselves, or are diagnosed, as having been ‘born in the wrong body’ would otherwise grow up to be lesbian, gay or bisexual. Over 80% of children who suffer from gender dysphoria outgrow these feelings after puberty.

The new bill will increase the pressure on many young Scots to consider and embrace the idea that they may have been born in the wrong body. That’s why the LGB Alliance is organising opposition to the bill in concert with groups from across Scottish society and concerned citizens of all political parties and none.

If you’re Scottish and/or live in Scotland and want to help our campaign, contact us.

You can also write to us at:

LGB Alliance
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‘Tha mi cinnteach, nam bithinn ag èirigh suas ann an Sìorrachd Àir, gum biodh cuid a’ cur air shùilean dhomh gur caileag a bh’ annam, air a ghlacadh ann an corp balaich, agus cò aige tha fios dè an toradh a bhiodh sin’ – Malcolm Clark, Caidreamh LGD (Alba)

Mas ann à Alba a tha thu, no thu a’ fuireach ann an Alba agus airson taic a chumail ris an iomairt, cuir fios thugainn gu…

Seòladh puist-d

No sgrìobh gu: Bogsa OP Alba