What’s the Hate Crime Bill REALLY About?

In the middle of the pandemic the Justice Secretary Humza Yousuf is rushing a Hate Crime Bill through Holyrood.

He claims it’s aimed at reducing hate crime. That’s a worthy aim but, as an organisation that defends the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals we fear it’s really being used to smuggle strange ideas into Scottish law.

For example, in the Equality Act, ‘heterosexual’ is defined as ‘attracted to the opposite sex’. In the Hate Crime Bill this is redefined to mean ‘attracted to a different sex’. What IS a different sex? How many different sexes are the?

We recognise there are only two biological sexes, female and male. Our rights are based on that understanding.

The meaning of the word ‘sex’ matters. The novelist J K Rowling was accused of being transphobic merely for defending common sense definitions of male and female.

Could WE now be criminalised for defending the definition of biological sex?

We’re ALL against hate crime. But perhaps the Hate Crime Bill is really about something else….

Please write to your MSP and ask for the Hate Crime Bill to be withdrawn.