LGB Alliance is a charity that supports lesbian, gay and bisexual people by building community, providing high quality information, being a source of inspiration for people who feel marginalised and seeking to influence Government and decision makers to prioritise the needs and rights of same-sex attracted people.

October 2019
The Founders of LGB Alliance, Bev Jackson and Kate Harris, organised the group’s first meeting in Conway Hall in London. Both women are experienced campaigners with decades of activism in lesbian, gay and bisexual rights behind them.

They felt compelled to step back into the fray because it had become clear that same-sex attracted people no longer had an organisation dedicated to meeting their needs or protecting their hard won rights.

Speakers at the event included Simon Fanshawe, a former Stonewall Trustee, the Barrister Allison Bailey and a range of groups and individuals concerned about the erasure of LGB rights. All of whom agreed that LGB people were facing a new kind of homophobia.

November 2019
LGB Alliance was incorporated as a Private Limited Company and Directors were appointed.

October 2020
LGB Alliance travelled to Oran Mor in Glasgow for a public meeting to discuss their concerns. As well as LGB people, attendees included women concerned about the erasure of their rights and trans people who shared their view that the reality of biological sex matters.

Following that meeting, Kate and Bev assembled a small team of volunteers to create the LGB Alliance Management Team who would help shape the future of the organisation. It was agreed that becoming a Charity would be the most effective way to deliver services and support to LGB people, if no other organisation existed to do so.

April 2021
LGB Alliance were granted charitable status by the Charity Commission and appointed Trustees.

October 2021
LGB Alliance applied to run stands at the Conferences of the main political parties but were refused by all except The Conservative Party. LGB alliance ran a stand at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

October 2021
Just a year after the small gathering in Oran Mor, LGB Alliance hosted its own national Conference at the QEII Centre in London attended by 500 people and with speakers including MPs from across the political spectrum, leaders from the NHS and the police, journalists, academics and artists.

March 2022
LGB Alliance was awarded funding from The National Lottery to scope its first major project, a Helpline for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. No other service of its kind existed.

LGB Alliance structure


LGB Alliance is overseen by its Trustees, the Chair of whom is Eileen Gallagher OBE. It is the Trustees’ responsibility to steer the Charity and ensure good Governance in all areas.

The Policy Team comprises eight volunteers and staff members who decide what campaigns to focus on, what services to provide and how to respond to changing events.

Additional volunteers work in areas including PR, events, fundraising, social media, IT and research.

These activities are overseen by CEO, Kate Barker who is responsible to the Board.

LGB Alliance Annual Report

For the period ending 30 November 2022

LGB Alliance Annual Report 2022