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    June 26: Stonewall ambassador: I believed in the scheme to uphold rights but we created a monster (The Times)

    June 17: Stonewall trans debate and gender identity row: Inside the bitter split (Evening Standard)

    June 12: Continental Europe enters the gender wars (The Economist)

    June 10: Maya Forstater’s win is a victory for rational thinking (The Spectator)

    June 05: A backlash against gender ideology is starting in universities (The Economist)

    June 04: Crowdfunder to appeal charity status of LGB Alliance stands at over £50,000 (Civil Society News)

    June 04: Stonewall’s dystopian attacks on gendered language (The Spectator)

    June 04: Taking pride (Holyrood)

    June 04: Trans charity Mermaids is appealing the LGB Alliance’s newfound status as a charity (Gay Times)

    June 03: The sinister attacks on the LGB Alliance (The Spectator)

    June 03: Crowdfunder appealing LGB Alliance charity registration raises thousands of pounds in first day (ThirdSector)

    June 03: Critics call for law firms to quit Stonewall (The Times)

    June 03: LGBT+ charities launch appeal over ‘anti-trans’ group LGB Alliance’s charitable status (Independent)

    June 02: Transgender legal battle: Stonewall backs Mermaids against LGB Alliance (The Times)

    June 02: LGBT groups including Mermaids and Stonewall appeal against decision to make LGB Alliance a charity in transgender row (Sky News)

    June 02: LGBT charities launch legal battle over ‘anti-trans group’ becoming charity (Metro)

    June 02: Stonewall’s reign as the gender gestapo is coming to an end as it feels the heat for its ‘trans-women are women’ stance (

    June 02: ‘Anti-Trans’ LGB Alliance should not be a charity, say UK LGBTQ groups (Vice)

    June 02: Trans groups go to war with Charity Commission for giving charitable status to LGB Alliance group that ‘restricts trans rights’ (Daily Mail)

    June 02: Mermaids leads LGBTQ+ charities to appeal the LGB Alliance’s charity status (i News)

    June 02: Stonewall fails to stop lesbian suing in trans row (The Times)

    June 01 : Stonewall ‘threatened’ to silence gender critical barrister by having her sacked, says judge (The Telegraph)

    May 24: Stonewall’s reign of intolerance (Spiked)

    May 22: When a group set up to fight homophobia is at war with a lesbian champion of gay rights, it’s no longer fit for purpose (Daily Mail)

    May 12: Gender-identity counselling is not ‘conversion therapy’ (Spiked)

    April 24: In praise of the LGB Alliance (The Spectator)

    April 23: Old school gay rights activists under fire (

    April 21: A victory for the LGB Alliance (Spiked)

    March 18: Transgenderism is a form of gay conversion therapy (Spiked)

    March 16: Religious group warns against LGBT+ conversion therapy ban (BBC News)

    March 12: Chambers and Stonewall fail to strike out barrister’s discrimination claim (Legal Futures)

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    Gender recognition, Scotland

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