Government pledge to clarify Equality Act

LGB Alliance support a clarification of the Equality Act 2010 because our rights as same-sex attracted people are contingent upon the understanding that ‘sex’ means ‘biological sex’ and not upon an individual’s self-declared gender identity.

Clearly, this was precisely what the authors of the Act intended.

But in 2010, no one imagined that heterosexual men would declare themselves female, and lesbian, and insist that they be allowed to attend a lesbian social event or be permitted to upload their profile to our dating apps. Much less that actual lesbians would be punished for daring to object.

In 2010, no one dreamed that heterosexual girls would fetishise our culture to such an extent that they would declare themselves to be gay men and attempt to shame and bully actual gay men who refused to validate their delusion.

Today, those who argue that sex and gender are interchangeable deliberately seek to pervert the original meaning and intention of the Equality Act, which included clear protections for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, discriminated against by reason of our same-sex sexual orientation.

We would urge all of the parties to consider how a clarification of the Equality Act 2010 would restore much-needed rights to same-sex attracted people and would begin to limit the absurd overreach of the gender lobbyists whose fanatical and destructive influence harms us all.