It’s time to talk

We have long argued that Self-ID would allow predatory men to claim a trans status in order to access women’s and girls’ spaces. And that it’s insulting to suggest a man can self-identify as a lesbian, or a woman can self-identify as a gay man. We ran an ad, back in 2019, to explain our position.

At that time, our ad was cited as ‘evidence’ of our bigotry and meant we were refused a stand at the Labour Party Conference.

It was extremely disappointing. We’ve always found that face-to-face conversations at conferences and events are ideal opportunities to exchange constructive ideas on achieving equity for all. It’s how we’ve won so many friends in such a short time.

Now we are pleased that Self-ID looks likely to be shelved. And we are encouraged by the fact that politicians, on all sides, have signalled a willingness to debate, discuss and consider the evidence before making up their minds on these important issues.

We say bravo to all those who have realised that ‘no debate’ leads to bad policy making. And thank you to all those who, having listened to the evidence, decide they will do the right thing and tell the world they’ve changed their minds.

This shift has come too late for this year’s Labour Party Conference. Our application for a stand was refused. But we’re determined to amplify the voices of same-sex attracted people regardless. That’s why we will be holding our own event, along with our friends from Lesbian Labour and The Gay Men’s Network, in Liverpool on Sunday 8 October. Please check our website for details in the coming weeks.

We hope that next year we will be attending all of the party conferences and we look forward to many positive discussions about issues of vital importance to lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.

We are delighted that the time to talk has truly arrived.

Kate Barker, Chief Executive Officer