The LGB perspective at Holyrood

LGB Alliance addresses the committee about the Gender recognition Reform Bill and the dangers it poses for same-sex attracted people

It’s important that we press for every opportunity to represent LGB people in matters of legislation and public policy that affect us all.

We were delighted that our application to be a witness at the Gender Recognition Reform Bill committee in the Scottish Parliament was successful and our Head of Research, Malcolm Clark, read a statement and answered questions from the panel. 

He argued that prioritising gender over sex would mean that people who are same-sex attracted would no longer be able to protect their sex based rights. He was particularly concerned that lowering the age for receipt of a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to 16 would mean that younger teenagers, many of whom were coming to terms with their same-sex attraction would rush towards this milestone.

He shared the panel with women’s rights groups whose concerns about poor legislation and its impact on sex based right echoed our own.